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 [Guide] How to kick enemies faces as a Bouncer ? 
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(I still need to add images and explain Jetboots skills)

Howdy there !

In this simple and quick guide, I AM going to tell YOU how to build (and maybe play) your Jetboots Bouncer [s]for only $29.99[/s] !

Before going to the build, it is important to talk about Jetboots.

Jetboots, the swagiest weapon of the game

Jetboots is a tech weapon first introduced with the Bouncer class during Episode 3. This weapon is a little special, it scales off T-ATK stats in order to deal STRIKING damages. However, the skill Switch Strike is here to change that for us, fellow S-atk users ! With this wonderful skill, JetBoots scale from S-ATK instead of T-ATK. Isn't that cool ?

"Eeeeh ? Aren't those supposed to deal tech damages ? I mean the icon is yellow !" :arrow: NOPE ! Tech damages are for Techniques (i'm not sure about Wand Gear) only, and maybe pets too but those a little special and we don't give a fuck about them in this topic.

Those are special too because it can change its element based on the last tech you used (except Shifta, Deband, Anti and Resta). Thus you don't give a fuck about your weapon element because you can switch it. It is still better to go Light when you untekk tho, as most of the enemies are weak to light.

Photon arts

There are 4 Jetboots PAs, each of them has a special action that you can triggers by pressing the shift button.

Strike Gust - A front salto kick Attack, you can charge it 2 times, its special actions make you fall down and triggers Shifta once you hit the floor. It also stuns enemies close to you. It deals pretty good damages and thus, it should be, IT MUST BE, in your weapon palette. It is pretty effective against bosses, Goldrahdas, Infection Cores in TD, gathered enemies with Zondeel.

Gran Wave - A gap closer PA which makes you kick around 7 seven times the enemies you reached. Its special action triggers Deband and makes you Flyyyyy Awayyyyy with a large window of i-frames. Damages are good, animation is cool, use it.

Moment Gale - A large (large large large) AoE PA, you hit all the enemies in front of you with slashes that looks like a "X". Its special action triggers Zanverse, has a vacum effect and make you spin like a tornado to hit all enemies around of you. This one should be used only where bunch of enemies are gathered, against a single target it is useless and outdamage by the three other.

Vinto Gigue - Basically the big number dealing PA. Al contrario de los otros PA, only the Shift Action is interesting here. En efecto, when you use the Shift Action when you hear a "DING", it will depletes all your gear to deal a POWERFUL AND AMAZING kick ! However, you can't move while charging it. The no-shift action way is just a more damaging Elemental Burst that also have more chances to apply a status effect.

The palette that I use :

Gran Wave - Strike Gust - Moment Gale
Vinto Gigue *3
Foie - Barta - Zonde

But you can go :

Strike Gust *3
Gran Wave *3
etc... I guess you see what I mean.

Class combo and skill trees

So. This section has finally showed up itself. Your only remaining objective is to read this one in order to avoid aberrations such as BO/BR (eww...).

I'll make it short : BO/HU and BO/FI supremacy. But as it is a guide, I'll also tell you why the other options suck ass.

BO/RA : No multipliers for Jetboots -> sucks.
BO/GU : Don't work well with Jetboots, however it may be good with Twin Blades [s]but this is a Twin Blades racist topic[/s].
BO/TE : The only good damage multiplier you get is from Elemental Weak Hit which is... bad alone, you also get Wind Mastery for Zanverse but meh, it isn't your primary source of damages. You can't get benefits from Shifta Strike because it is a main class only skill. If you want to play support role, TE/BO might be cool, but for the sake of God, never go BO/TE.
BO/BR : I'm going to tell you why this one is bad. Average Stance don't bring enough damage multipliers for Jetboots. Only Strike Gust benefits from A-Stance Charge skill. Weak Stance is just Weak Stance, bad for melee weapons. BO and BR are both focused around their class weapons, thus they aren't good sub choice unless you play with their respective weapon.
BO/FO : No multipliers for Jetboots, must be avoided.

And now the best combos.

BO/HU : Has Fury Stance + all its "Up" skills, basically a "just press me and enjoy your damage boost" skill. Also benefits from Massive Hunter and Automate Halfline which allow you to tank w/o any problem, there are also Iron Will and Flash Guard skills. BO/HU is tanky gameplay while having good damages. However, it sucks at tech usage, which you mainly use for charging your gear to use Vinto Gigue.
This one should only be used with S-atk mag and Switch Strike skill.

Pros :
-Good damages output
-Very good survivability

Cons :
-Lacking technique damages
-Isn't a good choice for T-atk users

The skill tree I am using :
BOmain.JPG [ 82.24 KiB | Viewed 170 times ]

HUsub.JPG [ 108.68 KiB | Viewed 170 times ]

Mag 160 S-atk 40 Dex (better going 200 S-atk)
89 points used in both classes.

BO/FI is focused on damages. Damages, damages, damages. Damages everywhere. Did i say it was focused on damages ? For this one you have to be confident about your dodging skills unless you wanna end up appearing 789457 times on the Dodge Thread. Brave Stance and Wise Stance gives you bunch of multipliers. Add TAJA skills it is even better ! There is also the Adrenaline skill but we don't care.
This one can be used by S-atk users AND by T-ATK users because Brave and Wise Stances brings multipliers in ALL CATEGORY (Striking, Ranged and Tech) of damages. Oh and also you have the PP Slayer skill which is not bad, +200 atk just for being Under 50% of your PP ? Why not.

Skill tree that you could use for S-atk build :
BOmain.JPG [ 82.24 KiB | Viewed 170 times ]

FIsub1.JPG [ 93.24 KiB | Viewed 170 times ]

For T-atk build :
Same BO tree as before but remove S-atk up skills and put them wherever you want.
Fisub2.JPG [ 94.11 KiB | Viewed 170 times ]

(Sorry for the fail, also Chase Advance because only good solution left)

Thats all for now, i'll complete it later.

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